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Alrosan company imports construction equipments worth 400 million SAR for the Saudi-Oman highway road link project

Thu, 12/19/2013 - 11:14 -- الإدارة

 The chairman of the board of directors of Alrosan company for contracting , Ambassador Dr. Hazza Ayesh Abaalrous , said that the construction work is ongoing in the vital and developmental  project of the road that links Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with sultanate of Oman in Rub' al Khali , confirming that the keenness and the support from he government of the custodian of the two holly mosques to this strategic and giant project come within the framework of establishing important  infrastructures for he international highway roads  that link Saudi Arabia directly with its neighboring   countries in order to give comfort to citizens and visitors who come to the kingdom , in addition to facilitate mobility for the pilgrims .

Dr. Alrosan stated that , due to the long distance between the project site and the main cities in the kingdom , his company has secured best and modern  equipments from the best companies in the world , worth 400  million SAR for work accuracy . He also confirmed that his company agreed with these big companies to secure spare parts to be transferred to the project site , since this developmental and strategic  project is considered as the important national project being carried out by the ministry of transport .He said that Rub' al Khali desert is one of the unpopulated areas , thus there are difficulties in securing project supplies , including fuel . spare parts , asphalting materials and the daily requirements for the labors , including construction  , food and drinking water .  Since the existence of a populated area would secure these needs within  a distance of 600 km  from the project site , therefore the company has established small city with health clinics , shops , maintenance and entertainment  centers and  TV halls for the employers . the company also established modern communication centers to manage the project and its employees . Internet devices  have also been installed  to communicate with the project crew and their families .



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