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Minister of transport signs 68 contracts to execute projects costing 5.6 billion SR in all provinces of the kingdom.

Tue, 09/17/2013 - 09:29 -- الإدارة

Minister of transport signs 68 contracts to execute projects costing 5.6 billion SR in all provinces of the kingdom. The minister of transport in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia , Dr. Jubara Ben Eid Alsariry , signed 68  contracts  with  domestic companies and establishments   concerning the  accredited projects owned by the ministry  this year in the field of execution , electrical works , study , design and computer in all regions of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia  , the total value of these contracts  is (5.595.570.833) SR . the minister stated in press comments that these projects are part of the projects which have been accredited in the current year budged, that was introduced following the issuance of budget to match the ways of the ministry in introducing accredited projects for tender and execution in the same year of accreditation, pointing out that there would be successive signing procedures for the contracts of the projects accredited this year. Alsarary affirmed the significance of executing the projects of the ministry in the time schedule according to the nature of the contracts, stressing that his ministry is keen to execute its projects according to the deadlines in the contracts, and according to specifications, pointing out that the ministry will not hesitate in applying the system on all who breach the regulations. The minister of transport signed a number of previous contracts costing 2.474.296.127 SR, the total cost of the entire contracts is 8.069.866.690.36 SR. The minister thanked the good leadership for the support and sponsorship being given to his ministry, supplicating God Allah to save the leadership, security and the safety of this country. The following is a list of projects that have been signed for the benefit of six regions in the kingdom;·Mecca region  -Transforming Jeddah –Jazan coastal area into highway ( the portion located in Mecca) the fourth phase is 50 km , to complete the transformation of Jeddah –Jazan coastal area in to highway with conducting illumination works , roads services 44 km with length 94 km , with amount cost 325,6 million SR , the contractor is  homeland projects contracting co. ltd. -Jeddah –Mecca direct highway (the second phase) with length 16 km, with amount 300 million SR, the contractor is Mohammed Alula Alsuweilam contracting company.-The complementary  works for the road that begins from Breiman intersection  to Mecca –Madina highway ( illumination +concrete barriers ) , embodiment of intersections on eastern airport highway in Jeddah ( intersection of Prince Fawaz project) , with length 28 km , total amount 101,7 million SR , the contractor is SAPAC .-Dualization   of Besha /Renia/Alkhurma road to Riyadh – Altaaef road with length 33 km, total amount is 71,3 million SR . The contractor; Alfalah Company for contracting.- Completing intersection works for the road  parallel to king Abd Allah university for science and technology with total amount of 20,5 million SR , the contractor; Ben Samar establishment for contracting . -Completing Albana /Aldahin road with length 2,5 km , commonly 5 km , Hams road with  5 km , Um Alduroob road with 5 km , 17,5 ;m total amount 13,9 million SR , the contractor ; Falaq international company for trade and contracting .-Gareeb village / Tala / Nakhis road , with lenth 5 km , Alkar road , 5 km  , 10 km , amount 7,9 million SR , the contractor ; Mamduh Sultan Naif Almutary EST. ·Madina region   - Completing Almadina /Alula/ Tabuk highway ( the third phase ) ( portion located in Madina , length 27 km , amount 209,8 million SR  , contractor ; Almarduf  contracting company . Completion of some roads (the ninth group), that include;-connecting Fadla road with Jeida ( Alsatih) in Dalea ( Dalea / Ghazeela Asuwan / Qaera Umodan /Gaseer Amudan / Beir roads , 17,67 km , completing the work of the national  park in Sahra 8, completing Sweidra / Hirza road , 17 km , completing Shamis / Tura road 22 km , lenth 74,67 , amount 75,6 million SR , the contractor ; Roky contracting company . -Repairing the current track for  Yanbu /Yanbu/Yanbu Alnakhl road (  the second phase ) , with lent 30 km , amount   44,5 million SR , contractor; pan kingdom.  invest. co -Completing the intersection between the third ring and Fureish on Madina/ Yanbu highway , wih amount 37,3 million SR , contractor; Agzala contracting company .co .ltd .Madina ; completing  the third phase  of  Madina /Ula Tabuk road ·Riyadh region               He secondary roads (the fifth group) includes the following;-executing an intersection in the entrance of Yamama university on Riyadh/ Qasim highway , completing and connecting Darea , Zuhra Aluwda with Salbukh directly with Abraj road , with amount 194,6 million SR , contractor ; Omeer company for contracting co ltd. -Completing the  east –southern rib for the second  eastern ring road ( intersections / service roads / illumination / storm drainage ) with length 20 km , amount 140,6 million SR , the contractor ;Ajzala contracting company .         The main roads (first group) include the following;-Dualization of the necessary transformer to connect Alkharj area with Riyadh- Dammam highway ( second phase) , 20 km , completing the necessary transformer to connect Riyadh- Dammam highway 36 km , with length 56 km , with amount 139,9 million SR , the contractor; ALrosan contracting company .The secondry roads (the seventh group) include the following;

  • Dualization of Qweia /Alrein/Alhariq road (first phase), 50 km (agricultural road) . Completing Riyadh/Alrein/Beisha road, 5 km with length 5,5 km , amount 126,6 million SR , the contractor; Alturuq company for contracting .

The secondry roads (the sixth group) include the following;

  • Dualization of the northern transformer for Dawasir valley ( first group) , 20 km , completing the northern transformer for Dwasir valley -10 km with length 30 km , amount 69,8 million SR , contractor; Sead Alhadi contracting EST.

Shagra university intersection;Completions of some roads (group 25) include the following;-  Completing Usheira/Glagil road and the complementary works 12 km , and complementary works to dualize Usheira/Huta Sideer , 1,5 km , connecting ALkhatama with Riyadh/ ALqasim highway , completing the agricultural roads with Shagra 7 km , completing the road that connects Khab Alradm with Alzulfa 3 km , Um qadir crushers complex , 9 km , limestone raw materials complex in Safrat , 3 km with length 35,5 km , amount of 49,2 million SR , contractor ; Ibrahim Mohammed Almusad contracting company in collaboration with gulf construction work EST.Completing the dualization of Hufeirat Nasah road ( seconf phase) , 9,4 km , sum 42,4 million SR , contractor ; Ibrahim Almusad contracting EST. in collaboration with gulf construction work EST.-Almugama university intersection, amount 40, 1 million SR, contractor; Alfalah contracting EST.-The technical support to review studies and designs of roads, with amount 30, 3 million SR, the contractor; Harson international-Completing the works of the documentary content of the ministry (second phase), with amount 8, 9 million SR, the contractor; Algraisy group.The short roads (the sixth group) include;-Connecting Abarqia road with Alsir , 4 km , Shuqa village road 500 km , with length 4,5 km , amount 2,2 million SR , the contractor ; miles engineering consultancy for contracting .-Preparing the technical  specifications and conditions for the tender documents , and preparing mechanism and method to rehabilitate operators during the insertion process of tender to transport passengers by buses between cities , with amount 1,5 ,million SR , the contractor is ;Saud office , and team international office with German railway company  .Eastern province:-The road linking Riyadh/Dammam highway with Alzahran /Alaqir /Salwa ,  Alzahran –Baqiq road  , pasing through million riyal road, with amount 99 million SR .  The contractor; Al Jaber Transport & General Contracting LLC.- The remaining works to dualize Arar/Alsarar /Alnaeria roda (first part), with length 83, 2 km, with amount 85 million SR; the contractor; Rashid contracting EST.Completions of some roads (ninth group) include;-reestablishment of Alhafuf entry bridge , located at Alalama Alkilo (279+100) on Alhafuf /Riyadh road , completing the complementary works for Alehsa /Bagig /Alzahran road , with amount 83,9 million SR , the contractor is Sheid company co ltd.Secondary roads (fifth group), include;-Dualization of Alkhalidia road, 2 km, executing bridge work on half moon beach at its intersection with Alkhalidia road, with length 2 km, amount 80, 7 million SR. the contractor; Sheid contracting company .- The remainig works for completing the dualization of Uraiera /Alsarar/Alnaeria , first part , with amount 56,8 million SR , the contractor is ;Sheid contracting company .-connecting the agricultural drawing in  Albariga with the ring road in Alehsa , with length 4 km , with amount 3 million SR , the contractor is ; Road contracting network company .Alqasim province;Completions of some roads (ninth group), include;-completing the work in king Fahad road intersection  with king Abd Allah road and king Khalid , in addition to some protections and works , intersection of Aarbaeen and Alturfa intersection with king Fahad road , with amount 413,3 milion SR , the contractor is ; Alrawaf co . for trading and contracting .Completion of some roads (group 19), include the following;-completing internal Aniza transformer , completing Aniza/old airport road , 5 km , completing the southern-western transformer in Aniza(intersection of Zamil Alsalim road) , executing dual road from Aniza transformer to Rowdat Musaed , with length 5 km , with amount 189 SR , the contractor is ; Alfahad company for contracting and industry .-completing Alqasim/ Mecca direct road ( the part located at Alqasim) , the third phase , with length 60 km , with amount 142,8 million SR , the contractor ; Alfalah contracting EST.Secondary roads (ninth group), include;-the ring road of Alras province ( the sixth phase ) intersection , dualization of Alras/ Alnabhania / Albatra road , second phase , 15 km , dualization of Albadae transformer ( first phase) , Alafhid crossing , with length 30 km , 103,1 million SR  , the contractor ; Bandar &Khalid for trade and contracting- cleaning buildings of the road administration, with amount 1, 1 million SR, the contractor; Abd Alelah Establishment for trade and contracting.Aseer province;Secondary roads (seventh group), include;-dualizaion of Khamis Amshit Bisha road , 40 km , and dualizing Safia/Ragwa /Alshaqiq /Yaery road , with length 30 km ( second phase ) , 25 km , completing the dualization of Bisha/Rania road , 16 km , with length 111 km , amount 148,1 million SR , the contractor ; Ben Samar contracting EST.-completing the first phase of northern Alradif road with Abha/Khamis Mashit road , 12 km , with amount 119,4 million SR , the contractor ; Ben Jar Allah contracting EST.-protections for Alfarsha/ Alkhae road until Asfal Radum with length 19,2 km , connecting Buga/ Jabal Adan road that branches from Albarbua road , with length 4,07 km , connecting TV transmitter ( first phase) , 1,27 km , with length 24,5 km , amount 90 million SR , the contractor is ; Alawni company for investment and contracting .Secondary roads (sixth group), include;-Alnamas Alfara (Alnamas Bisha ) cement factory , 8 km ( first phase) , completing Sabat Alalaya Talala Gutba Alguba  road , and Alfara Almuhala Alguba road , 31 km , with lenth 39 km , amount 79,1 million SR , the contractor; Blex  general contracting EST. 


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