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ALrousan company receives Swedish delegation , provides them hospitality .

Tue, 07/16/2013 - 10:23 -- الإدارة


A delegation from the republic of Sweden visited Alrousan Company for contracting and trade , Thursday morning ( corresponding 6-2-2013 H ) . the delegation was received by Alshaeikh Hazza Ayesh Alrousan . it included some engineers headed by the Swedish M.R gharry Patrick olony , the chairman of VOLVO international , MR Tomas , the   executive director of VOLVO , MR Jones Garditon ,deputy chairman of middle east center , MR Arhard Widichered , the executive deputy chairman of marketing and sales , MR Bol Floyed , the managing chairman of Famco Company , MR Mark Johnson , general director of post-payment services – Famco , MR ,Amal Ben Mizen , managing director at FAMCO . During the visit , the delegation discussed many issues concerning projects that have been accomplished and the projects that are being conducted by the company . After that , the delegation moved to the palace of Alsheikh Hazza Ben Ayesh Alrousan at his farm in Asiah province , where the delegation enjoyed watching camels , and walking with them in the nearby desert zone .

After lunch , Alsheikh Hazza exchanged gifts and shields with VOLVO chairman , who thanked and appreciated all for this good reception and hospitality


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