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Swedish VOLVO company chairman meets with the businessman Alrosan

Tue, 07/16/2013 - 10:20 -- الإدارة



with initiative from the owner of Swedish VOLVO company and his willingness to meet the well know businessman Haza Ben  Hysh  Alrosan , the chairman of the board of ALrosan company for contracting at his farm in ALgasim locality , where there is intimate business relation between the two parties representing the importation of many heavy trucks for the purpose of executing giant projects that are being conducted by Alrosan company for contracting , the prominent one is the international road project linking Saudi Arabia with sultanate of Oman . the Swedish delegation requested that the meeting should be at  Haza ALrosan farm  in Alqasim , in order to watch the rare camels owned by Alrosan , the Swedish delegation learned about them frequently , and about the care that is given by the businessman ALrosan to the camels , who has been postponing several meetings and economic works by virtue of his participation in several beautiful camel celebrations , and this has stimulated the Swedish delegation to request watching the purifier that has been  rewarded the first score in the gulf states . it is worth mentioning that Alrosan Company for contracting is one of the ancient contracting companies in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the gulf thanks to its successes in its giant projects .


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