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Minister of transport inspects passenger stations of Alharamian high-speed railway project

Tue, 07/16/2013 - 10:19 -- الإدارة

 Minister oof transport , the chairman board of the SOR, D.R Jubara Ben Eid Alsariri , said that Alharamain high speed railway project is being followed at the highest levels , indicating that there are some technical and oversight committees that conduct weekly and monthly trips to the project  its length 450 km , stating that his ministry is following up the work progress report with great interest under directive from the custodian of the two holly mosques ,  in addition to monitoring the performance of the contractors through periodic reports , confirming his readiness to lend all kinds of support and backup to the contractors so as to remove obstacles that affect the progress of the project and halt its execution . he confirmed in his field trip , accompanied by the general manager of the organization E.n Mohammed Ben Khalid Alsweikat , that works of the first phase are going according to their timetable  with limited percentage of accomplishment , stating that the amounts cutting discretionary reached 58.3 million m3 at the end of April 2013 , while land filling discretionary reached 63.6 million m3 , saying that work is underway to execute number of airstrips intersections on Alharamain road across Jeddah province , including Briman intersection which has been inaugurated recently before the traffic , beside airport intersections , air defense , airbase , city of Ahajaj , the two intersections of Qaba and Ali Ben Abi Talib in Almadina Amonawara . the work also accomplished in the process of installing 434 culverts out of 850 culverts in order to operate storm drainage , in addition to complete the construction of 102 bridges out of 137 bridges , where works are underway . on the other hand , the minister and his entourage inspected the ongoing works of the second phase that aim at accomplishing the upper construction , which include supplying and installing steel bars , signal systems , communications and the electrification system of the rails , in addition to supplying 35 passenger trains , maintenance equipments beside supplying , manufacturing and installing signal trains then maintaining and operating the project for 12 years . the minister also inspected number of equipments that operate on the site , reassuring the readiness of the contractor  . he directed to secure the sufficient quantities from these equipments and other construction materials that guarantee high quality works according to limited timetable . then the minister visited some parts in the fifth site of the track , which is scheduled to be delivered to the contractor at the end of this month , thus the total number of the delivered works become 200 km . the minister also inspected work sites in the 6 site (Almadina Almonawara ) which is scheduled to be delivered to the second phase contractor at the end of this year . he explained that the contract of the last phase of the project , which include constructing steel bars , manufacturing and electrification of trains , was signed last year 2012 . while the last phase contractor commenced the execution of special works concerning the electrification of the track and extending steel bars along the track .. Regarding the construction works of the station , the minister confirmed that the work is underway according  to the designed plan to construct passenger stations in Mecca , Jeddah and the economic city of king Abd Allah in Rabi , and Almadina Almonawara , where each station has a mosque , civil defense center , airstrip for choppers , train and passenger platforms , long and short term car parking sites , VIP hall , shopping center , restaurants , cafeterias in addition to the main building . also the stations have been linked with the public transportation system through providing suitable sites for bus parking , they also have been linked with pedestrian paths with light trains which is scheduled to be executed in these cities .




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